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Agile teams use “just enough” planning and an incremental approach to accomplishing the work of the team. Every project and every team uses a custom agile methodology. This course discusses common foundational principles and practices used by agile methodologies, providing the student a flexible set of tools to use in any role (e.g. product owner, scrum master, project manager, team member) on any agile team. This course mainly discusses agile and lean principles, the kanban and scrum agile methodologies, and uses Atlassian Jira Software Cloud as the main software tool to apply hands-on learning of the topics. The course includes instruction on "classic" Jira projects as well as the new "next-gen" Jira projects. Students can use the free plan of Atlassian Jira Software Cloud to complete the hands-on labs associated with this course. By the time you have completed this course, you will have a strong foundational understanding of agile principles and practices, and strong hands-on experience with Atlassian Jira Software Cloud. You will be the site administrator for your Jira account, so you will be able to perform basic administration tasks on your site. You should be able to continuously configure your Jira project(s) to match your team's custom agile methodology. You can watch the videos and take the quizzes from your phone if you want, but the hands-on labs using Atlassian Jira Software Cloud require you to have a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. This course tries to be as concise as possible. It will probably take you about 6-12 hours to go through, but your mileage may vary. It is highly encouraged that you apply what you learn to managing personal agile projects after the course is complete....



The Course is good and well structured. It has really strengthened my understanding about the use of Jira, I will recommend this course to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Agile and Jira


Indeed a great course which explains the agile methodology concepts from theory to practical implementation with JIRA. And it will definitely help learners if they are using JIRA in the organization.


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創建者 Daniel W


The information transfered in the course is valuable. Although, as a person done many coursera courses, the way of presenting the content is quite boring and especially the videos are hard to follow (i.e. hard to concentrate, since the presentation is very monotone). Also, the practical part could have been more interactive and modern. In general, it seems that there has not been a lot of effort in the creation of the course in comparison to most other courses I took.

創建者 oscar f


Until the end of module 2 its is very interesting, then only talks about sponsor, Atlassian web services=Jira and website management. Also the documentation not fits 100% with real time updates of Jira website services it is from year 2007 copyrigthed.

It helps to learn Scrum Jira webpage services and a little approach to scrum master management.

創建者 Olivier S


This is a very boring class. It is basically to learn the features of the software but I was expecting more on how to build projects with it.There are a lot of functionalities and is good but I think the course could be done by building a complete project rather than just clicking on different functionalities.

創建者 Robert T


Covers the essentials but is not presented in the most interesting possible way unfortunately, and you should be aware that the version of Jira provided differs from the version used for demonstrations quite drastically. However I do feel I learned what I set out to and I would recommend it as a swift introduction

創建者 Bruno C C


Eu gostei bastante do início do curso, com o aprendizado mais teórico. No entanto, as duas últimas semanas do curso me frustraram um pouco, por focar mais na utilização de um programa e menos em aspectos que posso levar para qualquer área do meu trabalho ou vida.

創建者 Olivia K


If the individual labs had photos on where to go it would have been more helpful. Sometimes I couldn't figure out what the line item was referencing.

創建者 Nyonyintono J P


Should include option sub tracks for engineering managers,product managers, product owners and other specific user personas for the Jira SIftware.

創建者 Cynthia R


Great information, but the instructor spoke in a slow monotone. Once I sped up the videos, I have a much easier time with the course.

創建者 Ana F


T​he course is ok, though it's too long. It could be more objective and bring more specific examples.

創建者 Sergey S


A lot of good material provided, but extremely poor explanation for lab tutorials

創建者 Ding C


it is too much about the Jira software but less of agile management experience

創建者 Chandrasekhar


More Agile than JIRA tool.. all features are not explained properly..

創建者 Григорій С


Boring, but enough knowledge for starting your work with Jira

創建者 Rocco M


The Exercise documentation is different from Lab environment

創建者 Deepak K


It is good but it is not clear practical concept.

創建者 Joel G


Basic course to understand Jra

創建者 Aniseta U



創建者 Rishikumar B



創建者 David B F



創建者 Steven F


The presenter was not enthusiastic about the topic. That made if more difficult to listen to.

More of an overview of each section would have been better.

Showing the instructor during the overview would have created a better connection between the student and teacher.

創建者 Diego C


Jira software is wonderful to learn Kanban and Scrum; however, this course is limited. It only has videos (many very large) and quizzes.

創建者 Pablo W


They only teach you how to use Jira but nothing about agile. A course as long as this is not needed to learn Jira

創建者 Gabriel A


Mostly a "How to use Jira" course. Not so much Agile project management.

創建者 Rohit M


The instructor is too fast in explaining the concepts.

創建者 Paul M


way too basic