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學生對 北方高等商学院 提供的 Advanced Portfolio Construction and Analysis with Python 的評價和反饋

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The practice of investment management has been transformed in recent years by computational methods. Instead of merely explaining the science, we help you build on that foundation in a practical manner, with an emphasis on the hands-on implementation of those ideas in the Python programming language. In this course, we cover the estimation, of risk and return parameters for meaningful portfolio decisions, and also introduce a variety of state-of-the-art portfolio construction techniques that have proven popular in investment management and portfolio construction due to their enhanced robustness. As we cover the theory and math in lecture videos, we'll also implement the concepts in Python, and you'll be able to code along with us so that you have a deep and practical understanding of how those methods work. By the time you are done, not only will you have a foundational understanding of modern computational methods in investment management, you'll have practical mastery in the implementation of those methods. If you follow along and implement all the lab exercises, you will complete the course with a powerful toolkit that you will be able to use to perform your own analysis and build your own implementations and perhaps even use your newly acquired knowledge to improve on current methods....



Loved how this course was presented. It built well off of the first course and provided labs that let me explore the content. I really enjoyed how Lionel and Vijay presented the material.


Good overview on portfolio theory with some of the latest trends (multi-factor models) and Python Lab sessions follow the same logic than the first course, with good tips and good timing.


101 - Advanced Portfolio Construction and Analysis with Python 的 111 個評論(共 111 個)

創建者 Miguel A L C


The concepts are easy to understand, the teachers explain very well, at the end you have more tools to improve the generation of portfilios construction.

創建者 Alfredo H


Very good in depth course extension from the first, however, would appreciate more applications and deeper applications of introduced investing ideas

創建者 Tobias T


Great and interesting course like MOOC 1, but it would be great if the code would be explained a bit more in detail like in the first MOOC.

創建者 Alejandro C


Sometimes the material covering the python code is insufficient. Maybe provide additional learning resources just for the python portion.

創建者 Hector B


Good theory and practical exercises. The presented code can be a little confusing depending on your previous frameworks you have used.

創建者 Mark K


This is an excellent course for anyone in finance, especially Portfolio and Asset Management professions. This particular segment is the 2nd of 4 parts of the "Investment Management with Python and Machine Learning Specialization".

Unfortunately, the code instructor dropped the ball in this part (compared to the first, "Introduction to Portfolio Construction and Analysis with Python"). The coding lab sessions were app 1/3 the length of Part 1, but the code is much more challenging in Part 2 (and more, not less, instruction is necessary). The instructor briefly skims over a previously completed python workbook, then asks the student to "play around with the code" in order to fully comprehend it. This is rather insulting to many - as indicated by Discussion Forum Comments.

Also, the quizzes contain a number of mismatches between the Python Function library (known as the Edhec Risk Kit) and the questions. The person responsible for answering student questions barely does so with adequate thoroughness and has failed to update much of his erroneous suggestions. I recommend the original instructors commit to fixing the many holes here, and consider assigning a more helpful person to the Discussion Forum - Emanuelle doesn't cut it.

The Python code instructor also should re-record videos for this section - so that we don't need to "play around with his code" in order to understand it.

創建者 Francisco V A


I loved the first module of this specialization. I think it does a great job setting up the foundations for portfolio analysis and I gave it 5 stars. I actually decided to complete the certification after the first module.

I still intend to complete the specialization, but I didn't like this module as much. I think the lab sessions are too shallow. "Play around" doesn't really cut it as instruction. There's a big gap between the lab sessions and the exams that are actually quite large for non-programmers. I would really like Vijay to spend more time playing around with the data rather than letting us figure stuff out on our own.

Overall my feedback is that this is a good course for programmers trying to become financial analysts but not so much for financial analysts trying to hone their technical skills.

I would have given 4 stars had it not been for the quiz of Week 3. Students will see the forum, because it's just impossible to pass. I strongly recommend EDHEC to revamp the entire Week 3 training.

創建者 Simon Z


Need more lab sessions!!!

創建者 Julien d M d B


The course are really great but the lab session are really not clear, leading to quiz confusing and giving the feeling that we are completely lost

創建者 Luke M


Quite a few mistakes in the course content.

創建者 Pongsak T


awful, not recommend