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學生對 纽约州立大学布法罗分校 提供的 ADHD: Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students 的評價和反饋

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This course will provide an overview of ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Course participants can expect to learn about ADHD as a developmental disorder that begins early in childhood, and participants will also learn about evidence-based approaches for diagnosing ADHD. Following that, two evidence-based treatment approaches (the Daily Report Card and Parenting Strategies) will be introduced. (Note these course activities are informational and are not intended to replace working with a licensed/trained professional). Learning Objectives: Students will be able to identify the behaviors characteristic of ADHD, the components of a diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment procedures that can be used in the school or home. 1. Identify the key areas of functional impairment, symptom presentation, and diagnostic decision-making for youth with ADHD. 2. Develop a behavioral intervention suitable for treating ADHD in the school setting. 3. Apply effective parenting and teaching strategies for supporting youth with ADHD in the home, classroom, and neighborhood....



Nov 02, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the course.Very interesting activities and quizzes. Lots of useful information and effective strategies for parents and teachers. Real hands on and practical suggestions.


Jul 31, 2020

The course provided visual, auditory, and reading material to support the topic and sub-topics concerning the validity of ADHD research and working with children diagnosed with ADHD. Great class!!


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創建者 samuel

Jun 20, 2019

nice course

創建者 Jéssika R F

Mar 07, 2020

I loved it

創建者 Vidhi M

Apr 12, 2018


創建者 Amitha C j

Sep 08, 2020


創建者 Flt L G R

Jul 16, 2020


創建者 bdour

May 22, 2020

sooo good

創建者 Chaitanya S T

Apr 30, 2020


創建者 Abrahim

Oct 17, 2019

Very good

創建者 Aylin S G M

Jul 30, 2019


創建者 BIJI B

Oct 14, 2018


創建者 Natouchka M F

Dec 26, 2016



May 28, 2020


創建者 PaedDr., M B M J

Apr 06, 2018

Super :)

創建者 Kajal S N

May 05, 2017

Great :)

創建者 Ayesha O

Jan 19, 2019


創建者 Yurii S

May 18, 2020



May 04, 2020



Feb 14, 2019


創建者 rosangela s

May 03, 2016


創建者 Rajan R G

Jul 21, 2020


創建者 Ayesha S A B

Sep 05, 2020


創建者 Sam S

Feb 08, 2020

In the traditional public school system the resources are simply not available to help children with ADHD have a positive outlook on learning nor have a positive academic learning experience.

I appreciate the course, we tried the DRC to 0% success due to the impulisiveness of my child's actions. Your facts are sound but teachers have to teach 20 students, not just 1. Your course is a valuable resourse for teachers who will have to cope with a rise in this problem in the future. In the meantime, if parents have the resources themselves, I recommend homeschooling until the school system is redesigned to be more copacetic to the children of the future.

ADHD is a superpower, not a disability. Trying to force a square peg into a round hole never works. Embrace your child who does not fit into the conventional mold and is destined for great things.

I love my son with all my heart.

創建者 Johan K

Apr 20, 2020

I found the course very interesting for several reasons. Having worked with children for many years I got the "science" behind techniques that I've applied instinctively as well as learned from others, and I also got a lot of new insights. The biggest reward though was gaining more understanding of myself as well as actual strategies to use in my everyday life and lessen the negative effects of my own ADHD, strategies that I never learned as a child since I wasn't diagnosed until last year.

創建者 Mark M

Nov 09, 2017

Great suggestions and insight. At times, I felt a little out of my league because I am not yet a parent, and therefore the modules speaking of the parent-child intervention plans was foreign to me; unfortunately many parents of my students are not active in the student's life, thus I hope to take these strategies and implement them into the classroom. Nice work with the Modules and thank you for the resources.

Mark McCullough

創建者 Sarah J

Oct 26, 2017

A good range of strategies were given for supporting students with ADHD in the classroom, and parents supporting their children in the home. The professor explained his points well and was very engaging.

The quizzes and reflections were perhaps too easy, so it takes little effort to pass this course. Perhaps the introduction of a peer assessed assignment would make the certificate a more valuable achievement.