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The new version of Introduction to Ableton Live featuring Ableton Live 10 will launch on April 20! In the past, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) were programs used only by audio engineers with a highly specific knowledge base, on machines inaccessible to most people. But over the past 10-15 years, DAWs and the act of recording music have evolved from being a luxury of the few to being available to the masses. Ableton Live is one such application. Used by an extremely broad range of music creators, Ableton Live not only facilitates the work of engineers, producers, and writers in professional, home, and mobile studio settings, but it is also a powerful platform for musicians on stage, in the DJ booth, and elsewhere. In this Ableton Certified Training Center course developed by Berklee Online, you will explore some of Live’s most powerful and useful functionality: MIDI programming, audio recording, warping and processing, looping editing, mixing, performing, file management, and troubleshooting. Meant to be a springboard for those who are new to Ableton Live and/or DAWs in general, this three-week course will provide you with a strong knowledge base for using Live to take your musical ideas from conception to final recording. The course breaks down the many barriers of entry into music technology and encourages all those who wish, to create fearlessly. Note: If you do not own Ableton Live 10, you can download the free, fully featured Ableton Live Trial. The trial version will allow you to save and export your work for 30 days. If you use the trial version, do not download it until the course is scheduled to begin....



Sep 12, 2015

I'm now taking this course a second time because it is so absolutely helpful and has really given me a free and friendly place to learn how to use Ableton and get started on music production!


Jun 30, 2018

Great first introduction into Ableton. Very clear and structured unlike a lot of the free tutorials out there. I would love to see a part 2 of this course that goes into more advanced topics.


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創建者 Malik A

Jan 15, 2016

great !!!!


Oct 07, 2015


創建者 Allan V C

Sep 22, 2015

I love it!

創建者 Mario G

Apr 10, 2020

Muy bueno

創建者 Majonymus I

May 02, 2017


創建者 Fisher M

Apr 03, 2017

very good

創建者 Dario M

Nov 27, 2016

Very Well

創建者 J.Ignacio N B

Jan 17, 2016


創建者 Balaji N

Nov 16, 2015

nice lect

創建者 José A G C

Oct 12, 2015


創建者 Graham M

Oct 10, 2015


創建者 Jacques H

Sep 16, 2015

very good

創建者 Jandir L B

Aug 24, 2015


創建者 William R

Aug 11, 2015


創建者 Yesid H V P

Aug 16, 2015


創建者 Jane C

Oct 25, 2017


創建者 Sorin A

Dec 20, 2016


創建者 Johnny M

Dec 21, 2015



Aug 21, 2015


創建者 Elioenai G F O

Jul 12, 2017


創建者 Hai y

Jun 07, 2018


創建者 Steven C

Oct 30, 2015


創建者 Thomas

Feb 28, 2016

While I did not have time to complete the final assignment I did find this course useful for creating a firmer understanding of Ableton Live. The peer review process is a great idea and something which I found to be both engaging and useful for networking with fellow artists.

The content of the course I feel is probably useful to someone with no prior knowledge of DAWs, but this is not my first DAW. As such the course felt a little slow and the assignments a little unchallenging. Personally my peer review experience ranged from listening to fully fleshed out ideas to listening to uninspired loops of nonsense. I still feel as though I benefited from the process, however, and I gained an invaluable resource in Blend.

I would love a next level - fleshing out some of the ideas touched on throughout the course, as well as exploring other ideas such as sidechaining.

創建者 Assaad M

Dec 08, 2018

Very insightful , the course allowed me to better organize my music, and achieve cleaner sound.

Even though it is basic, the fact is that when you are interacting with the community and submitting assignments, allows you to dive deeper into the creative process.

I highly recommend this course for any amateurs outhere willing to take their skills to another level.

Thank you coursera, and berklee for making this course available

創建者 Mortimer R

Nov 04, 2015

Very good introduction to this software, teatcher is great and very easy to understand. I have learned a lot of good stuffs such as how to warp audio, convert audio to midi and so on... I was used to work on cubase and I have discovered the specifities and the advantages of Live.

Moreover thanks to the assignment objectives I had to force myself to be creative and It was a great feelig.

Thanks for this course :)