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學生對 杜克大学 提供的 Understanding 9/11: Why 9/11 Happened & How Terrorism Affects Our World Today 的評價和反饋

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This course will explore the forces that led to the 9/11 attacks and the policies the United States adopted in response. We will examine the phenomenon of modern terrorism, the development of the al Qai'da ideology, and the process by which individuals radicalize towards violence....




Great course for understanding roots of terrorism and how false interpretation causes it.



Very interesting course with a religious view of Terrorist Attacks. Learned a lot!


26 - Understanding 9/11: Why 9/11 Happened & How Terrorism Affects Our World Today 的 39 個評論(共 39 個)

創建者 Jairam R P


Really awesome course, must try for everyone.

創建者 Alex G


Really compelling and insightful

創建者 Jerry J


What an amazing exposure.

創建者 Winston A W


Excellent, thank you.

創建者 Robert G C


Very informative.



Great course!

創建者 John C B


If anything this class dispels all of the conspiracy theories. It's worth taking based off of that dynamic alone. David is humble, passionate and knowledgeable about this topic. Be ready for regular student undergraduate type reading assignments. I like the grading system of presenting something other than a regular multiple choice exam. It was a fantastic change. Don't take this course unless you are retired or have a good bit of time on your hands due to the heavy amounts of reading. It best to take while you are in between jobs and looking for something to do. Can be stressful if you are a student or have a full time job. I did not mind the reading myself, yet I'm explaining to everyone the commitment you must make time wise. I now want to come up to Durham and visit to hear David in a workshop or symposium. This course makes me want to do that even more. Another 'grand slam' Coursera, Duke. I'll miss both of you.

創建者 Eilidh M


I really enjoyed all of the lectures and reading material for this course as well as the guidance on writing policy memos. I thought that the assessments for the course were really interesting. However, I didn't like that the assessments were peer marked and only marked by one other person as I think there was a variation in how much people understood what we were asked to do and so the marks weren't always fair and accurate.



I really enjoyed the course and in particular completing the 2 x 1000 word memos. However, waiting for a fellow student to mark both assignments was frustrating after putting in so much effort on the memos.

創建者 Divyanshi


I​t is a good course to learn more about terrorism but largely from US perspective and the role of various American agencies. Also, I think the policy memo exercise is not very useful.

創建者 Milko G


Very interesting course, especially the primer on Islam. The quality of the sound of the videos is sometimes a bit poor, but understandable.

創建者 Jenny O


Interesting course.

創建者 Fred V


This is an interesting course, on a rivetting, if tragic, topic. However, we noticed a few flaws. The parts about writing a memo and about islam are off-topic and/or of not much use. The confusion or assimilation of islamist thinking and muslim theory is not warranted. More would have been needed on the sociology and criminology of the groups who see themselves as representing a version of islam, and on the possible strategies on both sides of the war against terror.

創建者 Lesley F


Instructor had too many breaks with, umms, a..a..a, and other verbal pauses. The forum was not accessible. The week studying how to do a memo seems very pointless.