Bachelor of Science in General Business

University of North Texas

Student Experience

With this bachelor’s degree in general business, you’ll combine what Coursera and UNT have to offer you to get the best of both worlds as an online student.

You’ll experience learning through Coursera features like interactive video transcription, in-course note-taking, and seamless work across multiple devices. You’ll also be part of a strong UNT community through live classroom sessions, group projects with other students, and virtual office hours hosted by faculty.

You’ll be using Coursera technology and UNT modules to learn on your schedule. Plus, you’ll participate in supplementary readings, video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums that help you spark connections with your peers.

UNT Premium Student Wraparound Services

Learn about the UNT student wraparound services available to B.A.A.S. students.

UNT Online Premium Student Wraparound Services

B.S.G.B Advisors: All advising services are available via Zoom, phone, or email.

  • Create an Unofficial Evaluation for prospective students
  • Evaluate academic credit
  • Articulate the requirements of the degree
  • Develop an individualized plan for each student
  • Select appropriate courses for accomplishing academic goals
  • Clarify university policies and procedures
  • Provide resources for academic success
  • Respond to questions and concerns
  • Guide students toward graduation

Success Coaching: Coaches create a personal relationship with students where unconditional support fosters student confidence and self-awareness resulting in achievement of academic and personal goals.

Tutoring Services: Tutors offer a variety of online tutoring services designed to help students succeed at UNT. All tutoring services are available via Zoom, phone, or email.

  • Peer Tutoring
  • Ask-a-Tutor
  • TutorTube
  • MathLab Tutoring
  • Graduate Prep Services
  • Study Skills Workshops

Career Coach: Career Coaches design and deliver high quality career services to UNT students and alumni through collaboration with campus, local and global partnerships. All career services are available via Zoom, phone, or email.

  • Career Coaching Meetings
  • Daily Drop-Ins
  • Virtual Events and Video Resources
  • Virtual Career Fairs
  • Employer Information Sessions

Mentoring Services: Mentors provide insight, guidance, and resources to students as they acclimate to online learning and returning to school to complete their degree. All mentoring services are available via Zoom, phone, or email. Mentors address challenges of online learning, including:

  • Digital literacy
  • Technical issues
  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Loneliness
  • Balance work, family, life, school
  • Connection to faculty
  • Connection to students
  • Professional career development
  • Leadership development/strengths/values
  • Inclusion/cultural competency

Coursera Student Services Team: The Coursera team provides front-line service by directing student inquiries to the appropriate office the first time, preventing unnecessary run-around.


The lectures in your module give an overview of key concepts and have been designed to complement the other learning activities. The recorded lectures in your module may be video, audio only or a mix of both and will be accompanied by an interactive transcript.


Access your courses from anywhere — you can even download them to your mobile device and study offline wherever and whenever you choose.


Interact with fellow students through course forums. Get access to every question asked and answered by previous students.

Coursera does not grant credit, and does not represent that any institution other than the degree granting institution will recognize the credit or credential awarded by the institution; the decision to grant, accept, or transfer credit is subject to the sole and absolute discretion of an educational institution.

We encourage you to investigate whether this degree meets your academic and/or professional needs before applying.